“Everyone is fighting a hard battle”

….yeah, sure. It’s 21 degrees outside and I just missed the bus but my migraine doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Woe is me, please validate my suffering and tell me how hard my battle is.

This week, my problems felt insignificant. This week, I witnessed loss. This week, the world felt unfair and empty. 

I take a deep breathe. 

This week, from thousands of miles away, I felt my entire community come together and in that feeling, I knew that there is still so much. In that feeling I knew that there is still love. 

<3Marjan #fuckcancer  

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  1. Being authentically alive is experincing it the way it is occuring for us. Thank you for sharing authentically and that is the courageous value you bring, the gift that you are Rache! And then to laugh at how silly we are for taking our own stories so seriously… and to release our stories like birds to fly away into the sky and freeing the prisoner and the prison guard. Aaaaah… Life is good!

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