Same Sex Marriage and Persian Jews

This blog post is in response to This New York Times Article.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.28.57 AM

Why does the earth rotate around the sun as opposed to the other way around? The Earth circles the sun because our sun so massive that the universe pulls everything around it, around it. These powerful forces ensure that the sun rises every morning and the crops in our ground grow. Rabbi Wolpe is one of the gravitational pulls that the Iranian Jewish community in Los Angeles has needed to make sure it keeps on track with the momentum of the United States.

I’m honestly writing this post because I want people to read this NY Times article. I’m not in agreement with the article’s every point and its a bit dramatic, but:

1. Someone at the NY Times cared enough to write about us Persian Jews! Doodoodoododoo Iran!
2. Same sex marriage is so taboo in our culture it is never discussed.
3. Our cultures denial of our family members true expression and identities is an issue of ethics and compassion. Last I checked, Judaism preaches both of these. (I checked again today for safe keeping)

Being a true ally means deeply empathizing with the challenges the LGBTQ faces. As a people who are often outcast and stereotyped we know the feeling of exclusion and stigma. We must extend the incredible warmth, community and hospitality we are known for, with the wider community. So now, take a break and read the article. I think you see my stance – in support of equality, but also with deep admiration for persian farhang and ready to discuss to anyone who wants to.

We “tolerate” same sex couples but it is time to embrace and as the last line in the article says “Thankfully, Rabbi Wolpe has so much credibility that he can pull this off.”

Shabbat Shalom,

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