Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneur Sets Out To End Hunger On National Scale

Thank you for this beautiful feature, Shannon!

Shannon Natanzi

unnamed.jpgThe University of Southern California is constantly referred to as the “University of Spoiled Children,” or in other words, an affluent institution of higher education for privileged students. The truth is that many of us find ourselves at KazuNori more often than at dining halls, and therefore do not realize how close we are to the strife rampant throughout South Central. What happens when turn right on Spring Street after your sushi dinner and find yourself on Skid Row? Reality begins to sink in as you realize that South Central isn’t just the home to “privileged” USC students. On the contrary, it is dominated by thousands of mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers who suffer from homelessness and hunger every single day. USC students are merely minutes away from the reality of this situation, but the question remains: what can we do to help our neighbors?


One woman made it her…

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