Hi friends,

Come kickback in our twinkle-light-adorned Echo Park patio for the backyard party that this glorious LA summer deserves.

July 29th, 8:30pm~1am,


2153 Montana St. 90026
Parking is pretty open, but it’ll get busy. Uber is recommended.
Is there a theme? Duh. Read below.

​Did you do something great recently? New job? Smile at a homeless person? Let’s c e l e b r a t e! The spirit of the night will in fact be celebrating these things. So lets drink, catch up and get jiggy. I head to Thailand the next day so this is also a chance to say bye if I don’t make it back.

Bring your favorite brew and newest friend. I’ll have whiskeys, LaCroix, beer and treats and even a couple extra friends for ya. 
With major love,





  • I wanted to host something to celebrate a recent big win at work – the org I run  wrote a bill which became law and will now provide millions in meals. But then I realized my friends don’t really celebrate all the awesome things they do!!! So here we are.
  • Please share something you’d like to celebrate above. We’ll find a creative way to post them out.