Direct excerpts from an interview I had with Founders Los Angeles. March 2015.

“That’s the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur. Because you are so confident in yourself– you are so confident in your idea, but you don’t have the skills sometimes. And until you find the right people to come on board and support you, you are going to learn the hard way that you can’t do everything perfectly the first time, but once you learn the lesson, you’re never making that mistake again.”

“I am Middle-Eastern. My parents are from Iran and we are Jewish. Expectations of being successful and having status is a huge thing in our community. It took a while for my mom to understand what I was doing. Once I started getting recognition from the LA Times and the White House, she was like okay, this is legit. Randomly the other night, she was like, “Even though you didn’t go to law school, you are still really successful. Don’t worry, even if you want to go later that’s okay.” It’s like, it’s always going to be there. She will always talk about it.”

“When we started the program, we got a lot of backlash from the school. they didn’t like what we were doing, so that made us even more adamant, and made us even stronger and closer together. We became so united against this.”