Hi friends, 
The winter solstice is coming, Rachel turned 30 last month and Aaron is briefly back in LA! While we don’t need a reason to host a party –– we are blessed with many. 

See old friends, meet new ones, and get ready to get jiggy under the full moon. RSVP so we know how much food to get!
Saturday, December 18th @ 8pm
Rachel’s new spot!
809 N Las Palmas Ave 
Los Angeles 90038 
We’ll be indoors and outdoors.

You should absolutely lyft but if you drive, the street is permitted so stop by the front door to grab a parking pass first.

Inspiring the night is the winter solstice/shabe yalda which occurs on Tuesday. For generations, Iranians marked the night by staying up, reading poetry and drinking wine. It’s beautiful as it marks the longest night of the year which officially ushers in longer and longer days. 
Gratitude to our friend Aria Safar for his art and for years of gathering us around the solstice. 

Your co-hosts and best friends, 

Rachel Sumekh & Aaron Samuels


Yalda art via Farr Collection



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Yalda // House Warming